How To Dress Sexy And Stay Classy

How To Dress Sexy And Stay Classy

You can feel sexy in casual clothes and effortlessly turn heads If you know how to improve your style with some fashion tips. Once you master it, you'll understand that looking hot is much easier than you could ever imagine without spending a lot of money. Here are some steps that you can follow for looking fabulous.

  • Show off your shape 

    Wearing figure flattering outfit with the perfect fit enhance your sex appeal even  casual clothes make you look hot in them. If you love the way your legs look buy some short skirts, shorts, dresses and tight jeans to replace them with baggy pants or loos dress.

    • Be selective in part of your skin you are willing to show

      You don't need to show a lot of skin to look sexy. Sexiness comes from within. Having that positive attitude reflect on the outside and make you look remarkable. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of women make is that they show too much skin at the same time. For example, If you are showing your legs, cover up on top or If you want to show cleavage then dont wear a mini skirt or shorts at the same time. If not, It look like that you are trying too hard which is not sexy at all as sexiness should be subtle.

      • Wear sensual colors

      Black, white and red are generally sensual colors that generally make people notice you in the crowd, even if the style is very simple. At the end wearing the right colors can highlight your character and boost your confidence. You also need to consider your skin and eye color when It comes to choose the right of your outfit. Blue and green colors look great on people with light eyes. Purple can be an option for women with medium or dark skin tones and as we all know white and yellow make the most of your tan skin. As a result choose the proper colors based on your skin tone.

      •  Fancy heels

       Wearing a nice heel can boost your sex appeal and make your legs look leaner and longer. Heels can make you feel sexy and feeling sexy should make you feel sexier.

      • Don’t forget to wear accessories
       Add some spark, taste and color to your outfit by wearing some jewelry. Accessories can make you feel beautiful, stylish, special, and confident.



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